Clifton James Sarle
  1874 - 1960 
This page is under construction, and I hope to bring to you information on Clifton J. Sarle, the discoverer of the Pittsford Shale Fauna of eurypterids, and what happened to him after he left Rochester, New York.
It was Clifton James Sarle who described the  wonderful eurypterid fauna in 1903.  I am one of the lucky few to have seen and collected eurypterids from the old Erie Canal behind the historic Spring House and eastward into the Village of Pittsford.  I am indebted to Sarle for revealing these prehistoric animals to all of us.  My interest in eurypterids, ironically, began within 2 or 3 years after his death--so I never had the opportunity to meet him.
   Biographical data is currently being received from Allan Sarle Troy and I hope to include this data on this page.  STAY TUNED   Sam Ciurca  June 30, 2002
Clifton James Sarle